Payment software created for banks, barters, remittances and innovative currency systems. Cyclos is used by more than 1500 payment systems worldwide.

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Award winning payment software (E-Pay Innovation Award Winner)

Award winning payment software

As early as 2014 the payment industry awarded Cyclos at the TRANSACT conference for being the most innovative payment software.

Payment sofware for Barters and C3s

Barters and C3’s

Brazil’s biggest barter Tradaq uses Cyclos and the famous C3 Sardex (listed FT 1000) are amongst our customers.


Payment software for Banks_MFIs

Banks & MFI’s

Cyclos is used by various banks in Africa, Indonesia and Bangladesh. More than 4.5 million people have an account.


Payment sofware for regions and governments

Regions & Governments

Cyclos contains a set of tools that allow regions to improve their local economy. An example is the city currency the Bristol pound.


Payment Software for social currencies

Social currencies

Cyclos 4 communities is used by hundreds of social currencies such as timebanks, LETS and community currencies.


Cyclos features

Mobile banking features

Mobile Banking

Use our brand new mobile first responsive open source front-end. Personalize our app and publish it on the app stores. Or use SMS or USSD if needed.

Online banking features

Online banking

Cyclos offers a secure and reliable banking/payment platform, which can easily be customized according to your requirements.

E-commerce features


Additionally, you can offer your customers a complete marketplace and even their own webshop. A large range of features are available, such as ad alerts.

POS and Card features

Pos & Cards

Merchants can easily accept nfc payments with their mobile app or generate a QR code, which can be scanned and paid by the customer.

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Cyclos payment software users around the world.